Past Customer Marketing

Past Customer Marketing

Past Customer Communication is Key

All business leaders believe the most important aspect of marketing is a healthy influx of new business. Yet a vitally important component tends to be ignored (customer follow-up). Every successful business has their dedicated customer base, knowing that repeat business is vital for growth.

Imagine your business without repeat customers or clients and how expensive it would be if you only served each customer one time!

Customer Lifetime Value

Repeat customers are the backbone of any business. Purposely growing your customer base can be enhanced with dedicated staff calling past customers in a timely fashion, anticipating their next appointment or annual service call. That’s one way…

The fact is most people don’t run on consumption schedules, but when they’ve dealt with you at least once, chances are good they will return if they feel you are serving their needs. Unfortunately customer follow-up is cumbersome when done manually.

Automated Follow-up

Intelligent email campaigns can accomplish customer follow-up systematically.

  1. Customer is thanked, making them feel appreciated
  2. A message asking for their opinion automates a task that typically never gets done
  3. Keep your customer informed with industry information, tips and tricks, new inventions or techniques
  4. Information about related services can help increase sales
  5. Friendly reminders every few months helps with branding

With our “Forever Follow-up System” your customers or clients tend to remain a patron instead of forgetting who they dealt with last. They tend to call you when they are ready to buy again.

Simple and Effective

Don’t assume your customers will return on their own. Give them a reason to remain a patron by making them feel appreciated, informed and reminded. This can be accomplished by having one person entering customer emails into a simple form once a week.