Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Do you track your marketing? Online, offline, print media, radio TV, press releases? Too many of us forget the essentials by not tracking each and every campaign separately. You need to know which campaigns pull a profit and which ones are loosing money. Ad tracking is vital to determine which campaigns are worth continuing and which ones you need to drop.

Shotgun Marketing

Traditional media like TV, Radio and Print are referred to as shotgun marketing because they target everybody. The most effective internet marketing focuses on a specific target audience. Advertising to people who are not interested in your service is a waste. We focus on the keywords that make your phone ring. That is accomplished by using in depth keyword research and only targeting keywords with commercial intent. End result… the phone rings!

Recorded Conversations

One of the most enlightening things you discover with our system is hearing how your staff handles inbound calls. In a perfect world they would close a majority of the inquires because they are on the ball. Unfortunately that is not always the case. With audio recordings for every inbound phone call, you are able to help your staff improve their phone skills and close more business.

Audio recordings do more than just tell you how many inquiries you get each month, it is a valuable sales training tool. Employees perk right up when they know you listen to their calls.