5 Reasons Why You Need SEO for Your Local Business

5 Reasons Why You Need SEO for Your Local Business

Can your local business be found by doing a simple Google search? If not, you are likely losing a lot of business from customers who would otherwise be calling your phone or walking through your front door. The world of local business has changed over the last few years. There was a time when someone would find a local business by opening the phone book or even strolling through town, but those days are over. Nowadays, when a potential customer searches for a service they are more likely to be doing a local search on the Internet, and if your business isn’t listed, they’ll find someone else’s website.

Five Reasons You Need SEO For Your Business

1) Most of your customers have no idea how the Internet works. They assume that the reason why one business is listed higher than another in the search engines is because it’s a better business. In other words, they are letting the rankings decide what business they will be contacting. So not only is it important to have a good ranking in order to be seen, but it will also influence a user’s decision.

2) Search engine optimization provides the best return on investment when compared to any other type of advertising, including advertising in newspapers, magazines, on television, and even billboards. This is because a solid position in the search engines will flood your site with traffic for as long as the position is held, while advertising in other forms will stop producing traffic once you have stopped paying for it.

3) The Internet has replaced the older methods of finding local businesses, such as phone books, flyers, and the YellowPages. If you cannot be found on the Internet, then you’ll not be reaching your fair share of customers.

4) The Internet is constantly changing. Just a few years ago people only searched from their home computers- now mobile phones are taking over, which means that your site needs to be viewable from a small phone screen. Otherwise, your site will be too large, and a visitor will need to scroll back and forth in order to view it.

5) It’s important to constantly update the link profile of your site. SEO is always changing, and what was working a few years ago may be damaging to your site today. Updating your link profile will allow your site to gain fresh links that Google favors, and replace the ones that are no longer beneficial.

local seo basicsNowadays, if your site cannot be found on the Internet, it doesn’t exist. So it’s imperative to have a strong web presence. If you want to give your site the best exposure in SEO Vancouver then call us. It’s true, Vancouver has many professionals in this field, but you need to ask yourself who is dominating the field and seek them out.

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