Goodwill Security Program

Goodwill Security Program

With the type of work we do, we come across wordpress security vulnerabilities all the time.

The fact is many website developers are unaware of the things that need to be adjusted to close access points off to intruders when they build WordPress sites for clients. When a site is built by a novice these issues are rarely resolved.

Fix This for Free Yourself

Enter your name and email into this form and we will send you a short video with instructions on how to fix the most common security issues on a WordPress website.

Security Issues Check List:

  1. Regular website backups should be in place
  2. Anything other than “admin” for the user name log-in
  3.  –  Blank screen = problem
  4. – “Logo visible” = problem
  5. – “Logo visible” = problem
  6. – “Page visible” = problem
  7. – “Links visible” = problem


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How To Use This Check List

Replace with your company URL. For more detailed instructions enter your name and email in the form above to get our “tutorial video” showing you how to fix this yourself.

If your site has any of these problems then it will be wise to close the gaps. Your website is an important part of your business – Protect it!