Video Marketing for Branding, Search & Sales

Video Marketing for Branding, Search & Sales

YouTube is one of the biggest websites on the planet. The statistics are staggering and the time wasted there unbelievable. That aside, there is a lot of value in a well thought out video campaign. In the service industry, (where we focus most of our attention) “how to” videos and tips for the consumer are well received and do lead to sales.

Video Marketing For Search

Another advantage of using YouTube is the fact that Google owns it and tends to favor content placed there. It is a well know fact that you can rank a video in search much easier than a website, so we like to use video as part of a domination campaign when going for “long tail” search terms. (phrases with three or more words)

Google Hangouts

Another form of SEO video is using Google Hangouts to promote your service. We like to interview clients and ask questions only an expert can answer with confidence. It is comforting to watch an expert give up their secrets for the benefit of Joe public. We use a secret sauce in the mix to distribute the hangout video out to multiple locations on blogs, social media, bookmarking sites and other beneficial places.

Video for Reviews

Another interesting form of video is reworking customer reviews and posting those on your YouTube channel to brand your name and improve your profile. A big trend these days is to research your company to see what other customers have to say about you. You definitely want to have as many positive reviews online as possible. People will also search on your industry terms and add the word “reviews” to see what comes up.

Here are a few different styles we like to use when promoting for a client

Slide Show Video

Feel-Good Animation Video

Hand Scribe Video

Review Videos